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Training Services

Empower Youth offers trainings on Co-occurring disorders, Mindfulness, Adolescent High Risk Behaviors, Family Dynamics, and Emotional Literacy to schools, medical and legal professionals, and other treatment providers.




Available trainings

  • Co-Occurring Disorders: The training on co-occurring disorders consists of explaining what co-occurring disorders are, how to identify and treat individuals with co-occurring disorders, and a demonstration of useful therapeutic techniques.
  • Mindfulness: The training on Mindfulness involves a presentation of how to incorporate mindfulness into treatment programs and everyday life. A demonstration of various therapeutic techniques that relate to mindfulness.
  • Adolescent High Risk Behaviors: Adolescent High Risk Behavior trainings provide participants with increased knowledge on high risk behaviors and show effective ways to react and treat adolescents with high risk behaviors.
  • Family Dynamics: Family Dynamics trainings provide the audience with a thorough understanding of family dynamics and how to communicate in a healthy style. This training also teaches helpful techniques to increase positive and effective family interaction.
  • Emotional Literacy: Emotional Literacy educate the audiences on emotional awareness and demonstrate how to promote health expression of emotions.







Customized Trainings

Looking for specific presentations on contemporary issues?

Empower Youth can design and present curriculum specific for your needs. Examples:

  • Internet Bullying
  • Social Networking