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Counseling Services

Group Counseling
Group services focus on the participants needs. Groups assist in building life skills that the participants can use to improve their mental health and well being. Through the use of various techniques and skill building activities, participants learn about emotional awareness, healthy expression of emotions, setting healthy boundaries, and relationships.

  • Centered Women’s Group: This is a women-centered anger and stress management group that is sensitive issues that are often specific to women. Group activities also provide support for recovery from substance abuse. Through participation in this group, women will learned the skills to become more centered and less reactive.
  • Middle Girls Group (girls ages 11-14): A prevention-based group for adolescent girls that focuses on specific issues such as friendship, creating healthy boundaries, and healthy emotional expressions. Participants learn how to use “I” statements that promote healthy, effective communication and how identifying positive and negative space can assist in building healthy boundaries..
  • Teen Anger Management Group (co-ed ages 15-17): A co-ed group for high-school aged adolescents that promotes healthy choices and assertiveness skill-building. Participants work on creating a positive self identity and identifying thinking errors that affect their decision-making process. Through thought mapping and prevention education, participants can begin to increase their ability to make healthy choices.
  • Empowering Girls Group (girls ages 14-17): A prevention-based group that focuses on issues that relate to high school girls, such as relationships, creating healthy boundaries, and healthy emotional expression. Each group begins with a group check-in where each participant states a goal they would like to accomplish and identifies any stressors they are experiencing. The topics and activities used in group sessions help participants’ with goal-setting, creating positive a positive self-image, and communicating effectively.
  • Attention Deficit Group (boys ages 11-14): A focusing group that concentrates on skill-building with adolescent boys who struggle with ADHD, impulse control, and anger management. Group members discuss their “risky behaviors” at the start of each group and what stressors added to their reaction. The activities and techniques used in this group focus on widening the gap between “think and do” and teaching participants how to handle difficult situations in a safe way.