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Expert Witness Services

  • Mental Health Assessments: Mental health assessment can be of used to identify medical needs from mental health needs, as well as determine the appropriateness for further testing and concerns to address. They can be performed by a licensed professional counselor (LPC), psychologist, psychiatrist, or general practitioner. MHA’s can screen for ADD/ADHD, depression, anger management, substance abuse, anxiety, and eating disorders. Mental health assessments can contain a biopsychosocial evaluation, risk assessment, and drug and alcohol evaluations, upon request.
  • Legal Services: Empower Youth can perform mental health assessments for clients of legal professionals. Mental health assessments can be useful to legal professional when a client is involved in a legal matter that may have been caused by a mental health problem. The assessment can be performed while the client is incarcerated.
  • Medical Services: Empower Youth offers mental health assessments to clients of medical professionals who believe the individual is in need of mental health attention. The mental health assessment can assist in determine levels of care and issues that need to be addressed.