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About Empower Youth

Empower Youth is a growing organization that was founded by Maggie and Antonio Pruett-Saratan in 2005 to serve “at risk youth”. Empower Youth was created around the idea that people inherently have the ability to take control over their lives. However, they sometimes get stuck in a place where they need new skills and insight to get out of it. Adolescence is a difficult and exciting time full of change and growing independence. So much is happening in adolescents’ lives that it can be hard for them and their family to keep up with everything that is going on. Empower Youth is dedicated to providing support to youth and families through adolescence and young adulthood with a unique, community-focused approach.

At its inception in 2005 in the Seattle area, Empower Youth collaborated with the King County Partnership for Youth Justice where boards comprised of community volunteers referred first-time offenders to our program. Maggie Pruett-Saratan worked with these boards and their manager to develop programs that would serve their youth the best. While maintaining Empower Youth in Washington, Maggie Pruett-Saratan moved to Pennsylvania to extend the same consistency and quality of service Empower Youth is known for in King County to the Delaware Valley


Maggie Pruett-Saratan (2005-TD)

  • Title: Program Director
  • Credentials: MA, LPC, CCDP Diplomate

Antonio Pruett-Saratan II (2005-TD)

  • Title: Facility Director
  • Credentials: MPA, .Net Programmer

Paula Pisani (2009-TD)

  • Title: Outreach Coordinator
  • Credentials: BS-Psychology